Automatically Ban Words From Your Facebook Page

#Tip — Automatically Ban Words From Your Facebook Page

When a fan leaves an offensive comment on our Facebook page, we can “hide” it manually: the author of the comment and his / her friends will still see the comment, but not the rest of our community.

While this is a great reactive measure to maintain a healthy atmosphere on our Facebook page, we can also take advantage of a more proactive approach.

Indeed, Facebook allows us to ban words from a page: when such words appear in comments — or even posts — those are automatically hidden.

snapchat daily video views

#Data — Snapchat Daily Video Views

Snapchat daily video views now exceed 10 billion — yes, billion with a “B” — according to Bloomberg:

More than a third of Snapchat’s daily users create “Stories,” broadcasting photos and videos from their lives that last 24 hours.

make your videos epic with epicgram

#Fun — Make Your Videos More Epic With Epicgram

We may not always know why, but some effects simply do a terrific job at turning regular assets into incredibly funny pieces of content.

Yes: face swaps, gifs, loops and lip sync all belong to this league.

A new mobile app, Epicgram, now allows us to combine slow motion with classical music to transform any video into an impressive masterpiece.

10x your productivity in 4 minutes

#Tip — 10X Your Productivity In 4 Minutes

Would you like to 10x your productivity?

There is a very simple way to do it:

Ivy Lee was famously paid $25,000 (that’s over $100,000 in today’s money) by steel magnate Charles Schwab for this dangerously simple 4-minute productivity hack, saying it was the most profitable advice he had ever received.