get blog post ideas into your inbox

#Resource — Get Blog Post Ideas Into Your Inbox

We all had to deal with writer’s block, at least once in our career.

If you need help with social media post ideas, Loomly has you covered, with inspiration delivered to you right when you create a new post.

If you are looking for blog post ideas, then take a look at BlogOwl, by the folks at D5Gravity.

format text with markdown and increase the visibility of your facebook posts

#Tip — Format Text With Markdown And Increase The Visibility Of Your Facebook Posts

Facebook’s standardized layout and style make for a great, consistent reading experience but do not help “publishers” highlight what is particularly important inside a post.

A new feature now allows us to format text with Markdown and increase visibility of our Facebook posts — or at least attract users’ attention on specific parts of a text post.

vine is dying

#Data — Vine Is Dying

According to a data study by Markerly, Vine is dying: 52% of the top users — users with 15,000+ followers — have left the platform as of January 1, 2016.