Visit North Korea On Instagram

#Fun — Visit North Korea On Instagram

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)— a.k.a. North Korea — is probably the most enclosed, secretive and guarded country in the world: now, you can visit it, thanks to awesome Instagram accounts:

Measure Ads Efficiency With Facebook Brand Polling

#Tip — Measure Ads Efficiency With Facebook Brand Polling

Brand Polling is a solution that helps measure Facebook & Instagram ads efficiency in terms of brand awareness.

Indeed, while measuring conversions has always been pretty straightforward, evaluating how much a campaign contributed to making users more aware of a given brand was another story.

At least until now, as you can survey two groups of users, with identical characteristics — one was served your ads, the other was not — and measure the brand awareness lift between both groups, hence getting a grasp at how efficient the campaign was:

facebook brand polling process illustration

Brand Polling is particularly useful to measure the efficiency of past campaigns, but the solution also provide crucial insights to determine audience characteristics to focus on during future campaigns.

You can learn more about Facebook Brand Polling here.

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turn videos into art with style

#Fun — Turn Videos Into Art With Style

If you like Prisma, you will love Style: this nice desktop app lets you turn videos into art.

The main difference between Style and Prisma, is that the former can run locally (i.e offline), while the latter accesses its neural network — Artificial Intelligence technology — in the cloud (i.e. online).

tracking time with timely

#Tool — Don’t Spend Any More Time Tracking Time

Tracking time is crucial for service businesses whose pricing model is based on billable hours.

But there is a loophole in this whole process: how do you account for the time spent tracking time?

Well, the right answer is: you don’t.

The better answer is: you no longer need to waste your time tracking time, thanks to Timely.