understand the science of shopping

#Book — Understand The Science Of Shopping

Whether you manage social media for a brand or a business, and regardless of what you “sell”, it is of prime importance to understand the science of shopping.

How and why we, as consumers, make our decisions to purchase or not your product, service or experience.

In his best-selling book Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping, Paco Underhill unveils the four fundamental aspects of shopping as we know it:

  • Mechanics
  • Demographics
  • Dynamics
  • Culture

why we buy the science of shopping cover

Illustrated with real-life examples, from Amazon and iTunes to innovative malls in emerging markets, this book is a true eye-opener if social media and digital marketing are part of your job description.

Why We Buy: The Science Of Shopping is available here on Amazon.

Happy reading 😉

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Prevent Stress, Fatigue and Tiredness With Relaf

#Tip — Prevent Stress, Fatigue & Tiredness With Relaf

What happens when researchers look for ways to prevent stress, fatigue and tiredness?

They come up with science-based, data-driven, inventive solutions, such as Relaf.

prevent stress with relaf app screenshot

This nice little app plays ambient sounds, which not only help relax, prevent stress and increase focus, but also contribute to fostering happiness.

What a nice way to get a break and reload batteries in our never-stopping world of notifications.

Relaf is available for free on iOS (iPhone & iPad) and soon on Android.

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Create Your Own Star Wars Intro

#Fun — Create Your Own Star Wars Intro

If you have ever dreamed about creating your own Star Wars Intro, you are not alone.

Programmers Bruno Orlandi & Nihey Takizawa have put together an online tool that makes it very easy: Star Wars Intro Creator.

Just define all the elements of your intro and hit play:

create your own star wars intro form

You will instantly see a preview of your own Star Wars Intro in video:

create your own star wars intro calendy example

Last, you can download your video: you can wait and get it for free, or donate $5+ and get it within a couple of hours.

This fun tool will come pretty handy when we’ll all be preparing posts for Star Wars Day on May the 4th, 2017.

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Shorten Links With Branded URLs

#Tool — Shorten Links With Branded URLs

It’s a fairly common — and best — practice to shorten links on social media, with tools such as bit.ly, tinyurl, or goo.gl.

This indeed makes for cleaner, shorter and trackable links, i.e. three things social media pros really love.

But what’s the one thing that’s better than shorten links?

Branded shorten URLs!

Short.cm is an online service that allows you to shorten, personalize and share links with your own domain:

shorten links with short cm tutorial

Credit: Short.cm

This, instead of sharing a regular shortened URL such as https://goo.gl/f73BuX, you can share a nice vanity URL in the likes of https://by.calendy.co/f73BuX.

You can use short.cm for free, or upgrade to one of their premium plans, depending on your needs.

Happy shortening!

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Get A Social Media Manager’s View On SEO

#LongRead — Get A Social Media Manager’s View On SEO

As Social Media Managers, we may spend a significant amount of time sharing our perspective — i.e. explaining how social media work — with other departments (marketing, finances, supply chain, etc.).

This is exactly the reason why learning from other departments, too, is a great idea.

Our long read of the week goes into this direction: getting a social media manager’s view on SEO.

In this SocialTimes article by Dennis Yu, you will learn how to:

  • Get search results that are not biased by your search activity.
  • Interpret what you see in  Google Search Console & Google Analytics.
  • Leverage social media to improve rankings.

And here is certainly the single most important takeaway from this article:

[…] by simply doing your job in social, you’re helping your brand’s Google search results. And the person whose job is to do SEO should be producing great content for you and other webmasters, which helps your social results.

SEO, public relations, social media marketing, content marketing and word of mouth are increasingly becoming the same discipline. There are different tools and different channels, but in common is the production and sharing of content that is worthy of distribution.

At Loomly, we could not agree more: creating and sharing high quality content is a key success factor for brands and business of all sizes and trades.

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Discover How Much Social Media Managers Make With LinkedIn Salary

#Tip — Discover Your Earning Potential With LinkedIn Salary

Do you know how much (other) Social Media Managers make? Now, you can: with LinkedIn Salary.

According to Anthony Duerr, Director of Engineering, Careers at LinkedIn:

This is a tool that will not only help our members understand their value in the marketplace, but also help LinkedIn as an organization better understand the economic aspects of the Economic Graph. This is data that will help us learn how various roles are valued in different regions of the world, how years of experience and seniority affect compensation, and help us do our part to help bring salary transparency to the world.

LinkedIn Salary is particularly useful to:

  • Compare your current salary with peers (same job title in same area).
  • Negotiate a promotion with your employer.
  • Determine the economic interest of a job offer.

For instance, here is what LinkedIn Salary returns when we send a request for “Social Media Manager” in the Greater Los Angeles Area:

linkedin salary social media-manager greater los angeles area

You can run simulations of your own from here.

Now you know!

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Get Hilarious Puns To Share With Pun Generator

#Fun — Create Hilarious Puns To Share With Pun Generator

In life in general and on the Internet in particular, humor goes a long way.

Puns are no exception and can come handy in a number of situations:

  • To create a funny social media post.
  • To reply to a hilarious comment from a fan or follower.
  • To get noticed on a forum.

One way of coming up with cool puns is to use Pun Generator, a free online tool that — well — generates puns:

pun generator cat example

We ran a quick test to find puns made of the word “cat” and were pleased to get some results that were good enough to join our long list of #KittyQuotes, such as “The opera ain’t over till the Cat lady sings” and “Living off the Cat of the land.”

Bonus: Pun Generator can also generate phrases containing a specific word, which can be useful to make rhymes for instance.


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