Explore Fred Cavazza's 2017 Social Media Landscape

#LongRead — Explore Fred Cavazza’s 2017 Social Media Landscape

Fred Cavazza published the first version of his Social Media Landscape back in 2008.

fred cavazza social media landscape from 2008 to 2017

Fred Cavazza‘s social media landscape evolution from 2008 to 2017

As he puts it:

I was far from expecting to see them overtake the web and shift the balance of power. And yet, here we are, 10 years laters with social platforms reigning supreme on the digital world. If the landscape hasn’t changed much since last year, advertisers still struggle to adapt / conform to the mobile-first paradigm. With this post, I invite you to reflect on the last trends and practices.

In this pretty unconventional long read (compared to the articles we feature in general on this blog), you will learn from Fred Cavazza’s take on the big guys — Facebook, Google & Twitter — as well as about his methodology to come up with this 2017 Social Media Landscape:

fred cavazza 2017 social media landscape

Credit: Fred Cavazza

Most importantly, you will get a grasp of 2017 usage trends, which appear to be an intensification of existing trends rather than actually disruptive new trends:

  • Most online/social time is spent of smartphones.
  • Visual content rules.
  • Live videos.
  • Ephemeral videos are losing to stories.
  • Social commerce is here to stay.

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: an interesting photography of today’s usage and trends, which can help adjust one’s brand strategy and identify new opportunities and territories to pursue.

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