Discover Upcoming YouTubers With Youtube On The Rise

#Tip — Discover Upcoming YouTubers With Youtube On The Rise

Based on the observation that more than 1,000 YouTubers cross the 1,000 subscriber threshold every single day, on January 11, 2017 YouTube announced YouTube On The Rise:

Starting today, we’ll highlight creators and artists who are “On The Rise” in a new section of our Trending Tab in the United States. Each week, four different creators and artists will be highlighted and featured for a full day on Trending with the following badges: Creator on the Rise or Artist on the Rise (music content).

YouTube On The Rise

YouTube On The Rise is particularly useful to identify upcoming YouTubers, for brands willing to engage in influencer marketing, who can’t afford the big names in the game yet.

This is all the more interesting since the sweet spot in terms of engagement is generally around 10,000 subscribers.

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Facebook Audience Network Size

#Data — Facebook Audience Network Size

When we run ad campaigns through Facebook, we can either decide to serve these ads on Facebook itself, or expand their distribution to a wider network of mobile apps: the latter option is Facebook Audience Network.

On January 12, 2017 Facebook announced an important milestone for Facebook Audience Network:

[…] we’re excited to share that over one billion people see an ad through Audience Network every month.

In other words, every month, more than one billion unique people globally — that’s 1 in 7 persons on the planet — see at least one ad impression served through Facebook Audience Network.

Facebook Audience Network Ad Example

And that seems to be one of the first steps on the path of realizing a much more ambitious vision:

At Facebook, we like to say that our journey to connect the world is only 1% finished. We’ll keep driving toward our goals of helping people connect with the businesses and brands they care about, on publishers that meet our quality standards.

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Learn About The Facebook Journalism Project

#News — Discover The Facebook Journalism Project

Recent events have brought to light how crucial information truth is on social media.

In an effort to make sure “that a healthy news ecosystem and journalism can thrive”, Facebook introduced on January 11, 2017 The Facebook Journalism Project.

Read Instagram Terms Of Services As Explained To Children

#Fun — Read Instagram Terms Of Services, As Explained To Children

If you use a computer, a smartphone or the Internet — how would you read this blog otherwise? — chances are you have already had to accept some obscure terms of services… without ever reading them.

If terms of services are too complicated for adults and Internet professionals, imagine what they must look like for kids.

Post Longer Tweets With Infinitweet

#Tip — Post Longer Tweets With Infinitweet

Although Twitter has changed how characters are accounted for, the 140-character limit is still enforced, and it is not possible to post longer tweets.

Or is it?

Infinitweet now lets you post tweets without character limit, and even allows you to choose format your posts in terms of colors, fonts, sizes and alignment.

Post Longer Tweets With Infinitweet Screenshot

Infinitweet is available for iOS, watchOS, Android and Google Chrome, either as a free or pro version.

Happy (long form) tweeting.

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Experiment A World Where Personal Scoring Is Reigning

#LongRead — Experiment A World Where Personal Scoring Is Reigning

Imagine a world ruled by personal scoring, where you — as a human being — would be reviewed and graded just like any restaurant on Yelp or any product on Amazon.

And everything in your life, from what you can buy to who you can meet with and where you can live, would be determined by this personal score.

Well, this is the topic of our long reads of this week, although one item in our selection is more of a “watch” than a “read”:

  • Josh Chin & Gillian Wong, for the Wall Street Journal, unveil China’s New Tool for Social Control: A Credit Rating for Everything, where a behavior-based score determines whether a citizen is suitable for a job, a loan or some air travel.
  • Nosedive — Black Mirror, Season 3 Episode 1 — invites us into a world where every individual lives with a personal score, which is constantly updated by peer-reviews and defines all aspect of the everyday life, from relationships to neighbourhoods and even car rentals.

Of course, until Facebook, Uber and Experian engage in a global merger, we should fine.

Shouldn’t we?

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Number Of Instagram Monthly Active Users

#Data — Number Of Instagram Monthly Active Users

On December 16, 2016 Instagram announced they had passed the bar of 600,000,000 monthly active users:

Click here if you cannot see the above Instagram post.

Beyond the huge milestone itself, what’s even more impressive is how fast Instagram keeps growing, with more than 100 millions people who joined the platform in the second half of 2016 alone.

Here is a snapchot (no pun itended) of Instagram’s — accelerating — growth since February 2013:

instagram monthly active users chart

At this pace, Instagram should reach 700 millions users within the first half of 2017: time will tell.

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