Create Animated Emoji GIFs With Demoji

#Tip — Create Animated Emoji GIFs With Demoji

What’s the only thing better than Emojis & animated GIFs? Animated emoji GIFs!

What exactly are animated emoji GIFs? It’s simple: multiple emojis combined into one animated GIF.

Create Animated Emoji GIFs With Demoji Homepage

And it’s even simpler to use:

  1. Type a couple of emojis.
  2. Demji automatically combines these emojis into an animated GIF for you.
  3. Share the result wherever you want.

Create Animated Emoji GIFs With Demoji Sample

Although the primary purpose of Demoji may be to send augmented emojis to your friends in private conversations and group chats, this can also prove very useful on social media, in at least two different ways:

  • As comments, to respond to your audience and react in a creative manner.
  • As content, to engage your audience with fun & surprising posts (as you know, you can publish animated GIFs with Loomly)

Demoji is available for free on iOS & Android.

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