Create Art From Your Messages With Text Mess

#Tip — Create Art From Your Messages With Text Mess

Let’s wrap up the week with something pretty cool.

Something so cool actually, it could be in our #Fun section.

But we ended up classifying it as a #Tip, since it almost comes down to “hacking” — i.e. use for a different purpose — a smartphone messaging app to create awesome social media visuals.

The app: Text Mess.

The concept: turning your text messages into creative artworks.

In practice:

  • Download the app from the App Store here*.
  • Open Messages, click on the App Store icon next to your usual text field.
  • Type in a few words, select a shape, a font, a color palette and a style, and voilà!

Here are some sample visuals created with Text Mess:

Text Mess Example TGIF

Text Mess Example Loomly

Text Mess Example Social Media

*Text Mess is usually available for $2.99, but currently on sale at $1.99.

In our opinion, the results are well worth such a small investment!

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