artificial intelligence in social media

#LongRead — Experimenting With Artificial Intelligence On Social Media

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, bots: these are the current buzzwords and the least we can say is that social media are far from being excluded from this trend.

Actually, most bots live on social media — Facebook Messenger, Twitter — or inside communication platforms such as Slack.

In this interesting Motherboard piece, copywriter Harvey Wilks shares his experience, as he outsourced his social media presence to (human-assisted) virtual assistant for 48 hours.

In a nutshell, you will learn:

  • Why the author engaged in the endeavor despite his initial reluctance.
  • The good, the bad and the ugly regarding how the bot from impersonated him.
  • What he concluded from this experiment.

artificial intelligence in social media harvey wilks screenshot

Credit: Harvey Wilks

Although this article is about a human relinquishing ownership of his own personal profiles, it raises the question of brands using similar methods to manage their online presence.

It’s still too early to predict whether or not Social Media Managers will be replaced by bots one day or not.

What’s for sure is that there will always be room for human talent, both in the creative, strategic, planning part of the job, and in the unexpected, random situations where machines simply don’t have the capability to improvise — and make a good decision.

Time will tell!

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