average ctr of facebook ads

#Data – The Average CTR Of Facebook Ads

In Q2 2015, the average CTR of Facebook Ads was 0.88% according to Nanigans.

Why CTR matters.

CPM, CPC and Cost Per Conversion are “rockstar” metrics — and definitely deserve this status — as they directly measure how expensive a campaign is.

In contrast, CTR (Click-Through Rate) represents how targeted campaigns are: in other words, how relevant your ad (title, description, image, call-to-action) is for your audience.

A campaign with a higher CTR is not necessarily a cheaper campaign, but it sure delivers a greater ROI.

How to interpret the CTR of your Facebook Ads.


  • Under 0.60%, let’s say you have room for improvement…
  • Between 0.60% and 1.20%, you are doing a fairly good job.
  • Above 1.20%, you can clearly pat yourself on the back!

Next time a client / your boss asks:

“How is the campaign going?”

You know how to handle it.

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