Automatically Ban Words From Your Facebook Page

#Tip — Automatically Ban Words From Your Facebook Page

When a fan leaves an offensive comment on our Facebook page, we can “hide” it manually: the author of the comment and his / her friends will still see the comment, but not the rest of our community.

While this is a great reactive measure to maintain a healthy atmosphere on our Facebook page, we can also take advantage of a more proactive approach.

Indeed, Facebook allows us to ban words from a page: when such words appear in comments — or even posts — those are automatically hidden.

How to ban words from your Facebook page

To determine a list of troublesome words and keep your Facebook page friendly, go to:

  1. Your page
  2. Settings
  3. General
  4. Page moderation

In the following field, add words to block, separated by commas:

ban words from your facebook page

Ideas of words to ban from your Facebook page

Of course, words to ban will vary from page to page, but here are some basic ideas:

  • Abusive words such as “scam”, “liar”, “thief”, “crook”, “spam” and “clickbait”.
  • Names of your competitors.
  • Words related to missing features of your app, recurring customer service problems or FAQ.

Keep in mind that you can always unhide comments, so don’t be afraid to make this list as exhaustive as possible 😉

And remember: on social media too, prevention is better than cure!

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