Discover Our Top 5 Long Reads Articles Of 2016

#BestOf — Discover Our Top 5 “Long Reads” Articles Of 2016

During holidays, we are doing things a bit differently. December 19-23, we’ll be taking a look back at 2016 and share our best articles of the year with you again, one category a day. December 26-30, we’ll take a little break and come back January 2, with lots of new and exciting things for you. Happy Holidays! The Loomly Team.

Our #BestOf 2016 goes on with a selection of our Top 5 “Long Reads” of the year:

1. On The Trap Of Optimizing Facebook Campaigns For CPM

SocialCode Director of Ad Insights James Donner explains why you should not aim for lower CPM, which factors really affect CPM and how you can really optimize the ROI of your campaigns.

On the trap of optimizing Facebook campaigns for CPM

2. Get A Social Media Manager’s View On SEO

Dennis Yu SEO teaches how SEO works and why social media managers should care about it.

Get A Social Media Manager’s View On SEO

3. The Facebook Supremacy

These two long reads highlight how powerful Facebook is and will become: one clearly shows why Facebook is king, while the other stresses out how Facebook has become a platform of platforms.

the facebook supremacy

4. How People With Chronic Illness Use Social Media To Soothe Their Pain

Reporter Amanda Hess expresses a very refreshing perspective on social media and their curative potential: definitely a must read.

how people with chronic illness use social media to sooth their pain

5. Learn How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping The Future Of Work

More than a “conventional” long form article, this pick is actually an interactive documentary by The Economist on the potential and challenges of artificial intelligence in the workplace.

Learn How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping The Future Of Work

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