Get Better Google Business Reviews With Supple Link Generator

#Tip — Get Better Google Business Reviews With Supple’s Link Generator

On Loomly Toolkit, we often talk about online brands & shops, but we know many of you also use Loomly to tell the story of your local business on social media.

One thing local businesses can definitely benefit from are reviews, such as Yelp or Google Business reviews: and the only thing that’s better than Google Business reviews, are better Google Business reviews.

While many of your clients are certainly happy with your services, and most of them would be eager to share give you “five stars” if you asked, the actual process of leaving reviews is not always as straightforward as it could be.

That was until the good folks at Supple created this awesome link generator, which lets you create a direct link to your business’ Google Business review page, pre-filled with the previous “five stars”, that you can share with your customers.

Supple direct link generator for better Google Business reviews

Better Google Business reviews are not only good for your brand and reputation, they also impact positively your SEO, as well as the first impression you give to potential customers when they see you on a Google Map.

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: with a simple link, you can leverage your social media effort and encourage your audience to give you better Google Business reviews, or even ask customers you’ve helped through customer service (DM) to rate their experience.

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