#Fun — Raise The Bar In Meetings With This BS Generator

Sometimes, we stumble upon something so funny that we HAVE to share it with you, like this BS generator for instance: the Douchebag Strategist.

Whether you need a killer audience insight, are stuck in a creative rut or not sure how to get senior management / a client up to speed, this Messenger bot has you covered.

The Douchebag Strategist BS Generator Screenshot

Just connect it to your Facebook account from the link above, select a topic, and instantly get a catch phrase containing so many buzzwords that it will actually sound plausible, if not credible.

Here are some samples:

  • State of the industry: “Is Snapchat Lens the new interruption broadcasting?”
  • Future trend: “In ten years, digital marketing will be all about post-conversational experiences in a digital world”
  • Audience insight: “Working moms are super into mobile-only curated content”
  • Reframing the problem: “We need a test and learn framework to show how this branded hub will engage various communities of interest”
  • Strategy statements: “Our vision is to celebrate fashionistas by showing the authentic side of sustainability”

Amazing, right?

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