Create Facebook Lookalike Audiences Based On Customer Lifetime Value

#Tip — Create Facebook Lookalike Audiences Based On Customer Lifetime Value

Facebook now lets you create Facebook Lookalike Audiences based on customer lifetime value. In other words, not only can you optimize ad campaigns based on how well users convert into paying customers, you can also optimize these same ad campaigns based on how much these paying customers bring to your business. This is particularly useful for: E-commerce businesses, to optimize

Archive Posts On Instagram

#Tip — Archive Posts On Instagram

Instragram is currently testing a new feature allowing you to archive posts. You can archive both photos and videos: archived content will no longer appear on your profile and in search results. However, unlike deleted posts, archived posts can be un-archived at any time and interactions — likes and comments — will remain saved. To archive a post on Instagram, simply

Post To Instagram From Desktop

#Tip — Post To Instagram From Desktop

Last week, Instagram launched a new mobile site allowing users to publish photos to the platform from the web, i.e. from outside the mobile app, something that the desktop version of the website does not permit (yet?)… … or so we thought! Freelance Web Developer Michael Wender shared an interesting hack on Product Hunt, making it possible to actually post to

Get Free Wifi With Instabridge

#Tip — Get Free Wifi With Instabridge

If your Maslow’s hierarchy of needs looks anything like the one below, then free wifi is literally your basic need: And we’ve got just the perfect tool for you! Instabridge is a crowdsourced wifi network that lets you connect to free wifi spots around the world from your phone. Just download the app (here for iOS and there for Android), let it

Get Better Google Business Reviews With Supple Link Generator

#Tip — Get Better Google Business Reviews With Supple’s Link Generator

On Loomly Toolkit, we often talk about online brands & shops, but we know many of you also use Loomly to tell the story of your local business on social media. One thing local businesses can definitely benefit from are reviews, such as Yelp or Google Business reviews: and the only thing that’s better than Google Business reviews, are better Google

Up Your Game Even More With The Latest Facebook Branded Content Update

#Tip — Up Your Game Even More With The Latest Facebook Branded Content Update

In November, we shared a tip with you regarding branded content on Facebook for verified profiles: the latest Facebook branded content update now allows for even more possibilities. Three things are changing, basically: Non-verified Facebook Pages can submit applications to access the branded content tool, and Facebook will go one step further by rolling out this very same tool to

#Tip — Reward Your Community With An Amazon Giveaway

Organizing a giveaway is (almost) always a great idea to engage and reward your community, and one of the easiest ways to handle this may be to use Amazon Giveaway. Why? Because Amazon Giveaway makes things incredibly easy and smooth: Select a prize from bazillion items eligible at Setup the details of your giveaway: number of prizes, giveaway type —

Improve Your Resume According To Science

#Tip — Improve Your Resume According To Science

Following up on our job from earlier this week about Coworkies Jobs — a new resource to find jobs in coworking spaces — here is a great deal of tips to improve your resume… according to science. In this beautiful infographic, NetCredit presents 18 insights, either backed by a survey or a report, which should give you an edge to get

Walk While Sitting With Hovr

#Tip — Walk While Sitting With Hovr

If you spend quite some time working at your desk every day, chances are you rarely take a break to stretch your muscles — although you know it’s highly recommended! Don’t worry, a Chicago-based company may have just found a solution for you: Hovr, a desk accessory that lets you “walk while sitting”, by allowing you to keep your legs in movement.