Deliver Happiness Through Customer Service

#Book — Deliver Happiness Through Customer Service

As far as customer service is concerned, 84% of US consumers get in touch with brands through social media, chat or email.

Whether you have held a customer service position for a brand, or had to deal with customer service as a consumer, you know how critical it is.

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh shares the same conviction:

We view the lifetime value of a customer to be a moving target that can increase if we can create more and more positive emotional associations with our brand through every interaction that a person has with us.

Deliver happiness through customer service develiering happiness cover

In his best-selling book Delivering Happiness, Hsieh explains:

  • Why customer service is the responsibility of the entire company, not one department only.
  • Where impressing customers through service — delivering “wow” moments — leads you (hint: profits).
  • How one customer service representative at Zappos ended up ordering pizzas for a customer.
  • When it makes sense to actually “fire a customer” — yes, you read that well.

This book is not strictly about customer service, but it is definitely a good read for Social Media Managers.

Plus, it’s pretty fun.

Delivering happiness is available here on Amazon.

Happy reading 😉

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