explain snapchat to your clients

#LongRead — How To Explain Snapchat To Your Clients

Snapchat is huge, Snapchat is hot, Snapchat is everywhere.

You probably already use it. Maybe you don’t.

But how do you explain Snapchat to your clients or your boss?

And what’s in it for the brand(s) you represent, as a Social Media Manager?

Well, in this well documented Medium article by Gary Vaynerchuk, you will learn about:

  • The History of the platform, including a nice infographic.
  • The basics of the app, thanks to some very cool GIF tutorials.
  • Influential accounts to follow, which is always interesting to grasp what’s working / trending.

If all of the above fails to convince your interlocutors, you can still forward them Loic’s take on the topic.

We tried to make Loomly just a little easier to explain to your clients: start your 15-day free trial now and let us know if we succeeded.