become a certified professional with facebook blueprint

#Resource — Become A Certified Facebook Professional With Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is an eLearning platform that helps master the tools of the social network, and get better results for your brand.

facebook blueprint benefits

Facebook Blueprint’s catalog offers a wide range of online modules:

  • Introduction to Facebook
  • Best Practices
  • Facebook Pages
  • Purchasing Ads
  • Managing Your Ads
  • Advertising Objectives
  • Targeting
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Reporting and Measurement
  • Insights
  • Instagram
  • SMB
  • Webinars

In addition to these modules, Facebook Blueprint allows you to take exams and become a certified Facebook professional in two critical areas: planning (content) and buying (ads).

When you succeed to these exams, you become a Facebook Certified Planning Professional, and / or a Facebook Certified Buying Professional and receive a verifiable digital badge:


facebook blueprint certification-badges


You can share these badges pretty much anywhere — on social media, on your website / blog, inside your email signature — and allow your future employer or clients to verify your certification online.

Facebook Blueprint offers a great opportunity to improve your skills, stand out from the crowd and move forward with your career.

At the moment, each exam costs $150 and grants you a 12-month certification: at the end of each certification period, you can take a recertification exam to renew your certified professional status for another 12 months.

Happy learning 😉

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