Up Your Game Even More With The Latest Facebook Branded Content Update

#Tip — Up Your Game Even More With The Latest Facebook Branded Content Update

In November, we shared a tip with you regarding branded content on Facebook for verified profiles: the latest Facebook branded content update now allows for even more possibilities.

Three things are changing, basically:

  • Non-verified Facebook Pages can submit applications to access the branded content tool, and Facebook will go one step further by rolling out this very same tool to non-verified Pages that are likely to use it. In both cases, when branded content becomes available, this will materialize with a handshake icon in the post composer.
  • Facebook users will now be able to distinguish branded content posts from “regular” posts, thanks to the new “paid” mention in posts metadata.
  • This Facebook branded content update introduces some more flexible policies and guidelines, allowing logos, watermarks and graphical overlays to persist throughout a video. In addition, posts that violate these policies and guidelines will be hidden from News Feed and publishers will be notified that their posts need to be corrected, instead of simply getting their posts removed.

facebook branded content update

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: this Facebook branded content update is a great opportunity to develop partnerships with other Facebook Pages & Profiles, in order to expand the reach of a brand’s influence.

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