Facebook Believes its Future Lies in Video and Video Ads

#LongReads — Discover Why Facebook’s Future Lies Video Ads

This week in our #LongReads section, we are bringing up a potentially controversial topic concerning Facebook’s alleged attempt to increase video viewership.

Following Facebook’s recent announcement of a major Newsfeed’s update, The New York Times published this article : As Facebook Changes Its Feed, Advertisers see Video Ambitions.

Why is that potentially controversial, you ask?

Well, while Facebook mentioned that the change will help increase the number of meaningful social interactions (from friends & family rather than brands & publishers) a user receives on their Newsfeed, some advertising executives, believe this move has strong links to the platform’s attempt to increase video viewership through Facebook Watch, and push more video ads.

Facebook Believes its Future Lies in Video and Video Ads Facebook Watch Screenshot

In this long read, you will learn about:

  1. Facebook’s desire to shift to video
  2. The connection between television and Facebook
  3. The opinions and thoughts of Facebook’s changing algorithm from industry leaders

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: an interesting perspective on Facebook’s continual push for video content.

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