Observe How Facebook Is Challenging YouTube

#LongRead — Observe How Facebook Is Challenging YouTube

As we’ve seen earlier this week, beyond Facebook — and Facebook’s other apps such as Messenger & WhatsApp — only YouTube has more than one billion monthly users: this may be the reason why Facebook is challenging YouTube on the video area, chasing online stars.

In this New York Times piece, Daisuke Wakabayashi gives us a backstage access to Facebook’s strategy to win over online video audiences, and consequently, the online video advertising market.

How Facebook Is Challenging YouTube For Online Video Stars New York Times Screenshot

Reading this article, you will learn:

  • How Facebook is partnering with their own rising stars while poaching some YouTube’s celebrities.
  • Why some creators switch over to Facebook while other remain loyal to YouTube.
  • What YouTube is doing to keep up with Facebook’s offensive.

In the end, it seems YouTube may be challenging Facebook as much as Facebook is challenging YouTube, which could lead to interesting improvements on both ends.

What’s in it for Social Media Manager: an interesting insight about the forces at play when it comes to online videos and a preview of what a platform war could look like on this front.

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