Facebook messenger reaches one billion users

#Data — Facebook Messenger Reaches One Billion Users

This is the number of the week in social media: Facebook Messenger just reached one billion users.

facebook messenger team celebrating one billion users

Image source: Facebook

This is a #Data post, although it could very well be a #Quote or a #LongRead post, as the meaning of this number is actually more important than the number itself.

According to Darrell Etherington, in this great TechCrunch article:

“If you’re not already thinking about what your product looks like in a messaging application, it may be too late. Facebook Messenger crossing the 1 billion user mark today isn’t unexpected, but it is a huge blinking marquee telling us what we should already know: messaging is the platform of the future.”

In other words, we are on the edge of a shift between our current social era and the future conversational era, where content is distributed in a more customised way than ever.

Yes, there is some evidence that we, social media managers, may evolve into chat media managers.

Let’s keep an eye on this trend 😉

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