facebook newsfeed formula

#News — This Is The Latest Facebook Newsfeed Formula

Just a couple of weeks after Instagram updated its newsfeed algorithm, Facebook is rolling out a new version of its famous Edgerank.

The latest Facebook newsfeed formula

facebook newsfeed formula

Photo Credit: TechCrunch

What’s new in this updated Facebook newsfeed formula?

In a continuous effort to improve user experience — officially named “Feed Quality Program” — Facebook is giving more and more weight to content created by people and brands that users are (and have been) genuinely interested in, as TechCrunch Contributor Haje Jan Kamps explains:

The update adds to the core signals Facebook uses to rank the feed, which include how much a viewer is interested in a content’s author, how the post is performing with other users, how strong the author’s past posts were, what type of content it is and how recently is was posted.

Why the new Facebook newsfeed formula matters to Social Media Managers

Facebook has always been willing to show its users content that was relevant to them: one of the newest ways Facebook is calculating relevancy, is by taking into account the time users spend on a page after they clicked on a link.

Pretty much like Google takes into consideration the bounce rate of page to determine its ranking in search results, Facebook now takes into consideration how long a piece of content is being viewed to determine its organic reach — and the organic reach of future publications from the same author.

This is a new signal that Facebook is definitely becoming more of a “long tail” content distribution platform, rather than a mainstream media.

And another incentive for brands and Social Media Managers to create content for their audiences, rather than finding audiences for their content.

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