make the most of facebook pages to watch

#Tip — Make The Most Of Facebook Pages To Watch

Facebook Pages to Watch allow you to get performances… of other pages — yes, from someone else / another brand!

If you have not played with Pages to Watch yet, you can learn how to active this feature here.

Most importantly, here are 10 ways to leverage the power of Pages to Watch:

  1. Understand what content format works best (links vs. images vs. videos).
  2. Get post ideas in terms of copy.
  3. Get post ideas in terms of visuals.
  4. Have a grasp at how often competition is posting.
  5. Observe patterns across the board.
  6. Pick up rising trends in your industry.
  7. Benchmark how you are doing against your peers and competitors, in terms of engagement and growth.
  8. Spot opportunities and or pitfalls in terms of posting times.
  9. Avoid unintentional plagiarism.
  10. Escape direct competition by using an orthogonal strategy to what other pages are doing.

Of course, other brands and businesses can also watch your page — as long as you have more than 30 likes — but that’s the cost of doing business.

Plus, as you may know, the only thing that is worse than being watched, is being ignored 😉

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