find topical articles influencers and conversations thanks to right relevance

#Tool — Find Topical Articles, Conversations and Influencers With Right Relevance

Feedly, Mention, Google Alerts, to name a few: we all have our favorite tools to curate great content on specific topics.

Now, a new “kid on the block” is willing to give us an additional hand to find topical articles, conversations and influencers: Right Relevance.

find topical articles influencers and conversations with right relevance

Finding content is as simple as doing a Google search and the results are pretty awesome.

To give you an idea, searching the term “social media” returned:

  • 57,729 conversations about “social media”, which did not even include the term in most cases. Impressive.

Right Relevance could definitely become a weapon of choice for social media managers willing to leverage the social ecosystem to find inspiration, in a highly efficient manner.

This topical search engine is already available on the web, as an iOS app and even as a Hootsuite app.

Maybe, one day, Right Relevance will be available inside Loomly, who knows?

Until then, feel free to start your 15-day free trial now, your simple social media calendar tool.