Generate Social Media Meta Tags For Your Website

#Tool — Generate Social Media Meta Tags For Your Website

When you share a link on social media, you can often see a title, a description and an image appear inside your post: these elements are social media meta tags.

For instance, here is what Loomly’s homepage looks like when you share it on Facebook:

Generate Social Media Meta Tags For Your Website Loomly Example

While some platforms allow you to customize the social media meta tags associated with a URL, some others don’t.

For that reason — and many others — it’s considered a best practice to define social media meta tags for your own website.

And, while defining social media meta tags is not the most complicated process in the world, unless you have access to a developer or have some basic HTML skills yourself, it may get tricky to generate these tags yourself.

Generate Social Media Meta Tags For Your Website homepage

Fortunately, there is a tool for that,, which makes the process a breeze:

  • Select what you want to create meta tags for: a website, an app, a blog post, a product or a video.
  • Choose which platforms you want to generate meta tags for: Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ & Twitter.
  • Type in the details of your meta tag: URL, title, description, image URL, video URL, locale, etc.
  • Copy the code that is automaticaly generated for you in real time and past it on your website or your app.
  • Validate that your social media meta tags are recognized by social networks with’s built-in validator.

And voilà!

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: it’s now easier than ever to make your links look good when you — and most importantly other people — share them on social media.

Loomly is a social media calendar solution that actually allow you to customize metadata when you share links on social media: start your 15-day free trial now.