giphy gif editor

#Tip — Make GIFs Even More Awesome With Giphy’s GIF Editor

GIFs are awesome, we can all agree to that.

Well, Giphy — the greatest GIF directory out there — found a way to make GIFs even more awesome: a GIF Editor.

The process is dead simple:

1. Choose a GIF on Giphy.

giphy gif editor select a gif

2. Copy and paste link to source GIF to Giphy’s GIF Editor.

giphy gif editor copy url

3. Apply stickers and effects, and add a caption.

giphy gif editor add stickers

4. Hit “create GIF” and you are done!

giphy gif editor create gif

Here is a GIF before:

giphy gif editor source example

And here is the same GIF after:

giphy gif editor result example

Giphy’s GIF Editor is a great way to customize GIFs for your social channels.

Have fun!

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