Get A Grasp Of How Governments Leverage Social Media Globally

#LongRead — Get A Grasp Of How Governments Leverage Social Media Globally

In some ways, social media are “just” tools and are neither good nor bad (nor ugly) in and of themselves: their impact simply depends on how humans decide to use them — at least until AI takes over.

With that in mind, it’s pretty interesting to take a look at how governments leverage social media around the world.

In this amazing series, The Conversation does a great job at explaining how governments from all sides of the globe rely on social media to exercise power:

US president Donald Trump, who gets on Twitter the moment he wakes up, may be social media’s most prominent politician user, but he is hardly the only one. For the past two decades, world leaders have leveraged the power of the internet to communicate with the public. In some nations, digital tools are part of an effort to increase government transparency and accountability. In others, they are a platform for propaganda, censorship and fake news.

How Governments Leverage Social Media Around The World The Conversation

Credit: The Conversation

It’s almost impossible not to learn something about how governments leverage social media around the world from each of the five articles featured in this global series:

  1. Can social media, loud and inclusive, fix world politics?
  2. Kazakhstan’s government uses social media to tame rebellion
  3. India’s social media star struggles to get government online
  4. Latin American presidents love Twitter – and it’s not good
  5. African governments’ uneasy relationship with social media

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: although you may not deal with politics directly on your own (brand’s) social accounts, understanding how your tools of trade influence this very topic around the world puts things into perspective.

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