Hack PR Like An Expert

#Resource — Hack PR Like An Expert

As a Social Media Manager, PR may or may not be part of your responsibilities: in any case, you will certainly enjoy these three resources that help hack PR like an expert:

  • Upbeat helps you find journalists you should follow on social media.

Hack PR Like An Expert With Upbeat

  • Presskit is easiest way to create a hosted press kit where journalists can find everything they need to write about you.

Hack PR Like An Expert With Presskit

  • Jona is a DIY kit to get press coverage (PR Guide + Strategy Help + Journalist Database + Templates + Access to Community), mainly for startups.

Hack PR Like An Expert With Upbeat

Of course, no resource can completely replace the experience & network of a PR expert, but that’s a good start to hack PR when you can’t afford one (yet): enjoy!

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