Handle PR Yourself With PingGo

#Tool — Handle PR Yourself With PingGo

So you think you can handle PR yourself?

You bet you do!

As long as you take your time and proceed methodically.

Lucky for you, there is a service for that, PingGo, that will help you:

  • Write better press releases, thanks to templates and journalists’ questions.
  • Plan and follow your news timeline, to build your brand.
  • Connect with media contacts in your industry.
  • Publish press releases on your website or through social media, or send them to journalists.

Handle PR Yourself With PingGo Homepage

PingGo offers a one-month free trial and then costs £25 / month for startups, with enterprise plans available.

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: if PR is also part of your job description, and you have limited experience and contacts in this domain, PingGo will help you handle PR yourself, save time and professionalize your method.

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