Take Advantage Of The Brand New Instagram Slideshows

#Tip — Take Advantage Of The Brand New Instagram Slideshows

Instagram recently rolled out a new feature allowing you to publishing up to 10 photos and videos in a single post.

Although this feature does not seem to have an official name, for the sake of simplicity, in this article, we will refer to this new possibility as Instagram slideshows.

Rather than telling you in details how to use Instagram slideshows — just like the great folks at Adweek did superbly here — we decided to go another route and share some creative ideas to take advantage of this new feature:

  • Make a horizontal collage: we all love these montages, where hacking a platform layout results in an impressive visual effect. Just take landscape picture, slice it and post it as a multiple image that will for sure wow your followers as they swipe left.

Instagram slideshows horizontal collage

  • Tell a story: with 10 photos, you have plenty of room to create your own cartoon, or even a flipbook-like piece of content.
  • Insert a CTA: show different product images and use the last slide as a CTA to a landing page to drive conversions.

Instagram slideshow insert cta

  • Publish a video and its making-of at the same time: whether you are announcing a product and launching a new campaign, Instagram has always been the weapon of choice to give backstage access to your followers, and you can now take things to the next level by publishing both a film and its making-of in a single post.
  • Create a Tenso: last but not least, you can leverage multiple image posts on Instagram to publish your own memes, by zooming in progressively on a specific area of an image for humorous effect.

Instagram slideshow tenso

Oh, and one more thing: our team is very actively working on a new feature that will let you create multiple-image posts in Loomly as well… stay tuned!

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