Read Instagram Terms Of Services As Explained To Children

#Fun — Read Instagram Terms Of Services, As Explained To Children

If you use a computer, a smartphone or the Internet — how would you read this blog otherwise? — chances are you have already had to accept some obscure terms of services… without ever reading them.

If terms of services are too complicated for adults and Internet professionals, imagine what they must look like for kids.

Based on the following observation:

The Internet is an extraordinary force for good but it is not designed with children in mind. Yet, one third of internet users are under the age of 18 and the part it plays in their lives continues to grow: among 3-4 year olds, in the last year, time online increased from 6 hours 48 minutes to 8 hours 18 minutes a week, and 12-15 year olds now spend over 20 hours a week online.

The Children commissioner for England, in A report of the Growing Up Digital task force, summed up the 17 pages of Instagram Terms of Services in a children-friendly one-pager:Instagram Terms of Services explained to kids

Credit: Growing Up Digital

A remarkable initiative that allows us to understand what we signed up for, for once!

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