Keep An Eye On The Largest Global Resource With The Internet Health Report

#LongRead — Keep An Eye On Our Largest Global Resource With The Internet Health Report

The Internet Health Report is a new open source initiative by Mozilla, which aims at documenting and explaining what is helping and what is hurting the Internet.

The Internet Health Report collects data from multiple sources and help us get a better understanding of five major topics — and answer five broad, related questions:

  • Open Innovation — How open is the Internet?
  • Digital Inclusion — Who is welcome online?
  • Decentralization — Who controls the Internet?
  • Privacy & Security — Is the Internet safe and secure?
  • Web Literacy — Who can succeed online?

For instance, you can learn why your selfie at the Eiffel Tower is a violation of copyright law in France, what is currently being done in Canada to help more women learn to code and how Let’s Encrypt is making the web safer.

The Internet Health Report Homepage

The Internet Health Report is not an actual long read, but rather a rich collection of short reads.

This is currently v.0.1 and the ETA for v.1.0 is October-December 2017.

One question we could ask ourselves: how we, as Social Media Manager, can contribute to preserving and growing the largest global resource in history?

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