Invite Users Who Liked A Post On Your Facebook Page

#Tip — Invite Users Who Liked A Post On Your Facebook Page

This is such a cool tip that we should call it a hack!

When a Facebook user likes — or reacts to — a post on our page, we can manually invite him or her to like this page.

To invite users who liked a post on your Facebook page:

  • Go to your page.
  • Visit the Notification tab.
  • Click on one of your posts in the notification feed — preferably one with a lot of interactions, or an ad.
  • Click on the link displaying the number of people who reacted to the post or ad.
  • A new window pops up and lets you invite these users to like your page (and they will get a notification, just like when a friend invites them to like a page).

Although this trick does not require to run any ad campaign, it is an amazing way of improving the ROI of our engagement campaigns, since we now have the opportunity to convert users who interacted with a post into page fans.

Have fun and invite!

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