Avoid These 10 LinkedIn Buzzwords on Your Profile

#Fun — Avoid These 10 LinkedIn Buzzwords on Your Profile

Everybody knows that the cobbler’s son have no shoes.

That’s one more reason for us, Social Media Managers, to stand out on LinkedIn with a professional-grade resume.

A good way to start is by avoiding the most common, overused (and often meaningless) words LinkedIn users stuff their profiles with.

LinkedIn buzzwords Leonardo Da Vinci joke

Credit: LinkedIn

How lucky we are!

The team at our beloved social network just published the Top 10 LinkedIn buzzwords used on profiles this year:

  1. Specialized
  2. Leadership
  3. Passionate
  4. Strategic
  5. Experienced
  6. Focused
  7. Expert
  8. Certified
  9. Creative
  10. Excellent

Most of us can probably find something better — i.e. more personal and more specific — than that.

Way better!

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