Discover LinkedIn Trending Storylines

#New — Discover LinkedIn Trending Storylines

Yesterday, LinkedIn introduced LinkedIn Trending Storylines.

In appearance, this looks pretty similar to Facebook Trends & Twitter Trends: trending topics organized around hashtags.

When we take a deeper look, it’s actually much more: LinkedIn Trending Storylines regroup content from LinkedIn Pulse as well as third-party platforms, and either from influencers, industry experts or connections from your network.

Curation of content is personalized for each user, thanks to a combination of human work — 24 in-house editors — and algorithms — mainly machine learning technology — that makesure every LinkedIn trending feed gets populated with relevant content clusters.

This approach also aims at offering balanced news from different perspective, while avoiding political views and #fakenews.

Last but not least, LinkedIn Trending Storylines foster serendipity with hashtags and topic buttons, making it incredibly easy to either dive deeper into a specific subject by exploring new angles, or discover related stories.

This new feature has already started rolling out in English in the US and will be available in more countries and language soon.

When activated, you can find LinkedIn Trending Storylines on the top right hand side of your homepage on desktop:

LinkedIn Trending Storylines Desktop

Credit: LinkedIn

And under the Trending tab on your mobile homescreen:

LinkedIn Trending Storylines Mobile

Credit: LinkedIn

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: by leveraging the power of hashtags associated with a storyline, you can jump in a conversation, share your perspective and surf on the spread of news cluster to gain free impressions and engagement, “while supplies last.”

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