Enjoy longer replies on Twitter

#New — Enjoy longer replies on Twitter

Back in September, Twitter was announcing some updates to how characters were accounted for against the 140-character limit: yesterday, Twitter built upon this and announced a brand-new feature allowing you to enjoy longer replies.

Long story short: now, @usernames no longer count towards your 140 characters.

Enjoy longer replies on Twitter screenshots

In greater details:

  • @usernames you are replying to will no longer appear in the text of your tweets.
  • Instead, @usernames will be displayed above the tweet itself, preceded by the mention “Replying to”.
  • At any moment, you can click on this “Replying to” mention to see who you are actually replying to, and if necessary, remove or add people from your reply.

Our team is already working on reflecting these changes in Loomly, with an update scheduled for early next week.

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