the most viral video in history

#Buzz — The Most Viral Video In History

According to Statista, the most viral video in history is…

drum roll…

How To Measure Video Virality

In the context of this article, the “most viral video in history” is actually the fastest one to reach 100 million views across the internet.

In 2013, it took only 4 days to Gentleman by South Korean pop singer Psy to reach this view count.

As of October 2015, here is Statista’s ranking of the fastest viral videos:

most viral videos in history

Kony 2012, The Exception

If we don’t take into account video clips from established pop stars, one of the most viral videos of all times is Kony 2012, by Invisible Children.

Actually, in many aspects, the short film by Jason Russell could still very well be the most viral video in history, reaching 100 millions views in less than six days, a couple of years before Psy, Adele and Miley Cyrus, and most notably, without their fan base. 😉

Bonus: in this very interesting article, Washington Post reporter Caitlin Dewey analyzes why Kony 2012 was a flop despite its obvious viral success, and what its legacy really is.

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