Discover A New Book With Every New Tab

#Fun — Discover A New Book With Every New Tab

Let’s start the week easy, with a pretty fun browser extension that lets you discover a new book with every new tab you open: 100 Million Books.

100 million books offers a new book with every new tab

Credit: 100 Million Books

This is the kind of cool, peaceful program we really love, just like ShowerThoughts & RatherNice:

Created & maintained by Steve Jain, 100 Million Books fosters wild serendipity rather than accurate relevance:

100 Million Books (is) a browser extension that shows you a new idea from a new book every time you open a new tab. There are no categories and no social features and no algorithms whatsoever. From fiction to nonfiction, old to new, science to literature, etc… it presents you the world.

This is not a technical choice but a philosophical statement, an attempt at making society technology advance society by reducing filter bubbles induced by algorithms & bots.

100 Million Books is available for free here for Chrome, and you can make it your homepage on any other browser with this URL:

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