Number Of Hate Speech Posts Deleted Weekly On Facebook

#Data — Number Of Hate Speech Posts Deleted Weekly On Facebook

Last month, we shared with you Facebook’s secret rulebook about sex, violence & terrorism: today, Facebook’s VP EMEA Public Policy Richard Allan announced in a Newsroom article that his team was deleting more than 60,000 hate speech posts every week (in April & May 2017) from the platform.


We are an open platform for all ideas, a place where we want to encourage self-expression, connection and sharing. At the same time, when people come to Facebook, we always want them to feel welcome and safe. That’s why we have rules against bullying, harassing and threatening someone.

This Newsroom article is actually so dense that it could have made it to our #LongReads section, as it describes:

  • How Facebook defines hate speech.
  • Why, too often, Facebook gets hate speech wrong — hint: because of a lack of understanding of context & intent.
  • What Facebook is doing to keep improving, leveraging both a growing team of human moderators and advanced AI & machine learning technology.

What’s in it for Social Media Manager: an insight into Facebook’s perspective on the sensitive yet crucial topic of hate speech posts and implicit guidelines to dealing with this kind of content on the platform as individuals & professionals.

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