Number Of Made Up Social Media Posts In China

#Data — Number Of Made Up Social Media Posts In China

According to this study, published on June 1st, 2016 there would be more than 488 million made up social media posts in China every year… fabricated by the Government.


To distract citizens from bad news and sensitive political debates.

What kind of content is made up?

In this amazing Bloomberg article, Journalist Shai Oster explains that the Fifty Cent Party focuses on:

“highlighting the positive, cheering the state, symbols of the regime, or the Communist Party’s revolutionary past.”

How big is this phenomenon?

About 500 million tweets are created everyday, which means the Chinese Government is basically injecting the equivalent of one day of Twitter activity every year in the Internet.

Between fake profiles, bots and made up posts, it is getting increasingly important to create high quality posts to get our signals heard in the noise: this is where a nice social media content calendar comes in handy 😉

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