Enjoy Office Music & Focus At Work With Studiowave

#Resource — Enjoy Office Music & Focus At Work With Studiowave

Of course, you can boost productivity with streamlined processes and performant collaborative tools… you can also get more focused and achieve more by setting the right atmosphere at work, for instance with great office music.

That’s the promise of Studiowave: a free vibe machine for offices, studios and all of us who need focus at work.

Enjoy Office Music & Focus At Work With Studiowave

The interface is super simple and allows you to mix nice instrumental beats with inspirational speeches, by setting a volume level for each element, and come up with the perfect office music for you.

Two quick little tips:

    • Make sure you keep Shazam handy, as you will probably want to save many tracks from this 24/7 radio for later.
    • Don’t start playing with their interactive logo, it’s a bit too addictive…

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