Percentage Of US Adults Who Are Social Media Users

#Data — Percentage Of US Adults Who Are Social Media Users

Let’s start the week with an interesting stat: according to the latest data from the Pew Research Center69% of US adults are social media users.

Of course, numbers are skewed towards younger adults:

  • 18-29: 86% of social media users.
  • 30-49: 80% of social media users
  • 50-64: 64% of social media users
  • 65+: 34% of social media users

This phenomenon is supported — if not amplified — by some record penetration of technology among the American population, more three quarters of the population owning a smartphone and almost as many of them enjoying broadband service at home.

Credit: Pew Research Center

We are definitely going to need more and more Social Media Managers.

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