pin a post to the top of your page

#Tip — Pin A Post To The Top Of Your Page

All social media posts are not created equal.

Launch announcements, major feature releases, and videos, among other things, may deserve more attention from your audience.

Sure, you can always promote these posts with ads.

But what if there was a better free way?

Guess what, there is: just pin a post to the top of your page.

What is it about?

Pinning a post to the top of your page is pretty self-explanatory: it basically means that you make a post stick to the top of your page.

This way, even when you publish newer posts, those will appear further down your timeline, letting your “pinned” post appear first.

Where can you do it?

This little-known trick works on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ — and here is how to take advantage of it:

Why would you do that?

In a nutshell: to make important posts stand out, by mechanically allowing all users who visit your page to see them.

The result: more views, more engagement, more clicks.

What else?

Oh, yes: did we mention you could get all of this for free?

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