Number Of Pinterest Monthly Active Users

#Data — Number Of Pinterest Monthly Active Users

More than 175 million Pinterest monthly active users now interact with the platform.

That’s a 25 million increase compared to last October, i.e. more than 16% of growth in 6 months!

Based on the official Pinterest numbers, this represents a significant growth acceleration:

Growth of Pinterest Monthly Active Users Since 2014

Credit: Pinterest

Much of this growth comes from international markets, including Germany, Brazil, France & Japan.

According to Pinterest Head of Global Partnerships Jon Kaplan:

This growth also means more opportunities for brands to reach their audience on Pinterest. As we continue to grow faster than ever, we’re adding new business programs too. Recent initiatives include bringing ads to new markets, launching Promoted App Pins and introducing Pinterest Propel, our new program for small businesses and agencies.

At Loomly, we are always excited to see Pinterest grow and we are looking forward to taking our integration with the platform to the next level, bringing you new features and unlocking new opportunities.

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