Acknowledge These Positive Social Media Evolutions

#LongReads — Acknowledge These Positive Social Media Evolutions

It’s no secret that change is hard, be it within a company, an industry or platforms used by millions — or even billions — of people: that being said, change is also good, and we want to feature today some positive social media evolutions.

Acknowledge These Positive Social Media Evolutions

In this Long Reads TechCrunch Special Edition, we will focus on three pieces showing how social media are changing for the better:

  • Josh Constine shares Mark Zuckerberg’s 9 plans to attack election meddling on Facebook — and it’s both impressive & incredibly action-oriented.
  • Sarah Perez explains the real reason why Twitter is testing an expansion of tweets from 140 to 280 characters — and whom it will concern.
  • John Biggs reports the results from USC Information Sciences Institute researcher Emilio Ferrara, showing that not all Twitter bots are born bad and can even be used for good!

Yes, change is hard, but it’s good. And when positive social media evolutions happens, it’s our responsibility as professionals to notice it and spread the news: let’s do it!

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