Post To Instagram From Desktop

#Tip — Post To Instagram From Desktop

Last week, Instagram launched a new mobile site allowing users to publish photos to the platform from the web, i.e. from outside the mobile app, something that the desktop version of the website does not permit (yet?)…

… or so we thought!

Freelance Web Developer Michael Wender shared an interesting hack on Product Hunt, making it possible to actually post to Instagram from desktop:

  • Open in your browser (Chrome, in this example).
  • Turn on the Developer Mode option.
  • Switch on “Device Mode” / select “Mobile View”.
  • Click the camera icon.
  • Choose a photo.
  • Share it!

post to instagram from desktop tutorial

Credit: @mwender on Medium

You can learn more about on how to post to Instagram from desktop here on Medium.

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: if you do much of your photo editing on desktop, then posting to Instagram from your desktop can be a huge time saver.

This works great in complement to Loomly, allowing you to use our built-in email reminders to publish your posts on Instagram on time, without switching to your smartphone.

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