Understand Why Everyone Is Talking About This Crypto Meme On Facebook screenshot

#Fun — Leverage The Power of Memes To Engage And Grow You Audience On Social Media

It’s no secret that social media love memes and memes love social media, as they feed and grow from each other.

Indeed, memes are great pieces of content to share on social media, since by nature they are:

  • Brief: images and videos make for good snacking content, that’s quick to consume, catering to always shorter attention spans.
  • Great explainers: leveraging pop culture reference, they are actually quite handy to explain difficult concepts in simple ways.
  • Viral: they tend to rely on humor, satire, sarcasm and self-mockery, making them powerfully shareable.

Here are two meme examples about the same, trending topic of cryptocurrency:

  • This one is joking exemplifies the use of “self-mockery” in a piece of content that would cater to cryptocurrency enthusiasts:

Leverage The Power of Memes To Engage And Grow You Audience On Social Media Cryptocurrency Meme Example

  • While that one compares the current status of the cryptocurrency market to a movie virtually everyone has seen — the Titanic — and would proably resonate better with cryptocurrency detractors;

Whatever you are trying to convey, chances are, there is a meme for that.

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: whether you are explaining something difficult, or trying to relate with your audience, memes are great inside jokes, which can tell a message quickly and easily to your target audience.

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