Set Up A Publisher Logo With Facebook Brand Asset Library

#Tip — Set Up A Publisher Logo With Facebook Brand Asset Library

After a short blogging break in August, as our entire team was focusing on crafting new major features — and surprises — coming up very soon, Loomly Toolkit is back to its regular publishing fequency of one short post weekday. It’s good to be back and connect with you all again: happy Monday!

Last week, Facebook announced an interesting update allowing certain Page owners to upload their publisher logo to a new Brand Asset Library, with the goal of displaying this logo next to their content on the platform:

To start, we are introducing these logo treatments exclusively for articles in Trending and Search, but the eventual goal is to extend these to all places where people consume news on our platform.

Set Up A Publisher Logo With Facebook Brand Asset Library

Credit: Facebook

This update is supported by a recent study by PEW Research Center showing that only 56% of online news consumers could recall the source of a new link viewed on social sites.

If you are an eligible publisher, you can upload your logo assets through the Brand Asset Library located under Publishing Tools on your Page:

  • If the last link you see is Canvas, that means that you do not have access to this feature yet (Facebook is rolling out this update to large media outlets first).
  • If you do have access to Facebook Brand Asset Library, then you can follow this guide to upload your publisher logo.

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: an (upcoming) opportunity to go one step further in branding the content from their Facebook Pages throughout the entire Facebook ecosystem.

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