Get Hilarious Puns To Share With Pun Generator

#Fun — Create Hilarious Puns To Share With Pun Generator

In life in general and on the Internet in particular, humor goes a long way.

Puns are no exception and can come handy in a number of situations:

  • To create a funny social media post.
  • To reply to a hilarious comment from a fan or follower.
  • To get noticed on a forum.

One way of coming up with cool puns is to use Pun Generator, a free online tool that — well — generates puns:

pun generator cat example

We ran a quick test to find puns made of the word “cat” and were pleased to get some results that were good enough to join our long list of #KittyQuotes, such as “The opera ain’t over till the Cat lady sings” and “Living off the Cat of the land.”

Bonus: Pun Generator can also generate phrases containing a specific word, which can be useful to make rhymes for instance.


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